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New DVD - Stretching That Works

A full body Active Isolated Stretching Routine for everyday use by you and your patients. Self-assisted Active Isolated Stretching with routines for neck, shoulder, Arm/wrist/hand/fingers, hips, thighs, and legs.


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New DVD - How to Grow a Massage Therapy Business

Just released in December 2009. 72 minutes of the best marketing, promotional, and practice building information avaliable. Do you want to see more patients? Then YOU NEED THIS DVD


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Therapeutic Chair Massage Book

(SOLD OUT) RALPH'S BOOK: Therapeutic Chair Massage Book

Featuring more than 250 full-color illustrations and photographs, a complete course in chair massage for therapists and schools. This book contains all the basics for beginning chair therapists plus therapeutic chapters for the advanced professional. With techniques to help you protect yourself from massage related injuries as well as hands-on Experiential Exercises, Case Studies with critical thinking questions and Clinical Tips from the author's experience. Contraindications lists specify conditions that prohibit or limit the use of a particular stroke or technique.

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Seated Therapeutic Massage

Seated Therapeutic Massage DVD Set

A 3-DVD Series for complete training for chair massage with anatomy discussion of the muscles to be treated. The muscles are drawn on a live athlete (AnatomyArt© by Debra Brooks) or shown on life sized anatomical models. The trigger points are shown and the common complaints caused by each muscle are discussed. Includes a complete step by step demonstration of the massage techniques to treat each muscle. PNF and Active Isolated Stretching© are also taught. Therapist bodymechanics and therapist-patient communication are stressed. Promotional tips are given. Buy any 1 DVD for $49.95— Vol 1 | Vol 2 | Vol 3   

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Event Sports Massage

Event Sports Massage DVD

A very complete course in Event Sports Massage teaching timing, theory, techniques, specific strokes of Sports Massage and the most efficient ways to apply them. Learn pre- and post-event massage routines on both table and chair. Become a more efficient therapist at the event or in your office.

"An excellent workshop on tape." Massage Magazine

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Medical Massage for the Lumbar Region

Medical Massage for the Lumbar Region DVD

A full 90 minute program for a complete medical massage routine for the posterior lumbar region with the patient in the prone position.

Low back pain strikes most people and is one of the most common reasons people try massage therapy. This program will help you better serve the needs of this huge market.

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Medical Massage for the Cervical Region

Medical Massage for the Cervical Region DVD

A complete medical massage routine for the posterior, lateral, and anterior myofascial tissues of the neck.

Learn powerful, yet easy, safe and pain free methods to help you provide relief for people with neck pain, cervical strains and sprains, range of motion restrictions and whiplash.

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Medical Massage for the Abdominal Wall

Medical Massage for the Abdominal Wall DVD—NEW!

A special 2-DVD set that is 2 hours of techniques for the most under-treated area of the body. Virtually every movement, every postural distortion, and most pain complaints involve the abdominal wall.

Be the first in your area to provide this new level of therapeutic effectiveness. Also contains quick, easy, general techniques for relaxation massage.

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Therapeutic Sports Massage for the Lower Extremity DVD

Warm-up, examination, treatment and closure techniques for hip, thigh, leg and foot. Discusses many common complaints in these areas. This excellent treatment for the lower body will help treat athletes and non-athletes alike.

Covers prone and supine. Learn how to help people who have the conditions of plantar-fascitis, ankle sprains, knee pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, and more.

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Side-Lying Therapeutic Massage

Side-Lying Therapeutic Massage DVD

Warm-up, examination, treatment and closure techniques for the entire body, from ankle to occiput with the patient in the side-lying position.

Includes draping, bolstering, bodymechanics, along with techniques to help people with ankle injuries, shin splints, knee injuries, groin pulls, sciatic pain, hip pain, low back conditions, shoulder problems, neck pain and headaches.

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The Shoulder Girdle DVD—NEW!

The complete upper torso video you've been waiting for! 2 hours of techniques, clearly filmed and explained to help you better understand and address shoulder problems.

Chaptered by muscle or muscle group, with state of the art audio and video production, this is an invaluable educational program for therapists who address pain, posture, and injuries.

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