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Golflexogy :
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Now available in DVD

90 minutes
Improve your ability to swing the golf club by increasing your flexibility with and the new video by:
Ralph R. Stephens -

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In this excellent golf training video, which is divided into segments, you will learn how you can use self applied massage techniques, stretching, and movement therapy to increase your flexibility and thus your ability to perform the golf swing.

Lack of flexibility is the greatest limitation most golfers face and is one of the major causes of golf injuries.

Play better golf with less pain by using Golf-Flexology.

Eliminate your golf related low back pain, golfer's elbow, and shoulder pain.

Increase your distance and consistency. Reduce your likelihood of a golfing injury.

Stretching routine to do at home.
Self-Massage routines to do at home and on the course to keep golf muscles relaxed and pain free.
Quick warm -up routine to do before playing golf
On course techniques to maintain your relaxation and flexibility
Cool down routine to do after playing golf

You will be amazed at how quickly
The Golf-Flexology Program improves your golf game and how much better you feel in general. Get started on the road to better golf and improved health - Order Today!!

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