The Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT)


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NRT is an amazing system of therapy and I am so excited to share it with you. This is the first really different system of manuplative soft-tissue therapy I have encountered in 25 years. I am getting amazing results with chronic conditions and acute complaints using NRT. It is easy on both the patient and the therapist, is pain free, and incredibly fast.

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WHAT IS NRT? NRT is the unique application of pain-free stimuli which elicit an inhibition response from the nervous system to a target muscle which "resets' or down-regulates the tonus of that muscle to "normal." This restores circulation, releases tension and pain is gone. All in just a few seconds. What is a "few"? A few in this case is from 2 or 3 up to no more than 30 seconds of stimulus being applied.

How is NRT Done? A specific muscle is palpated to assess for tickle, tightness, and/or pain. This is usually done with fingertips. A "Reset" application method (there are 6 different application methods) is applied for 2 - 30 seconds. The muscle is palpated again. Usually pain, tightness, and tickle are gone. If not, another application method is utilized and possibly other muscles in the area or kinetic chain are reset until all discomfort is gone. NRT can be applied to most any muscle at any time in your session with a patient; however, NRT is most powerful when done as a "routine". The routines or order to perform palpation and reset are taught in the seminars and supported with a fully illustrated (photographs) manual and optional DVDs. Sounds simple, quick and easy? It is. Come study this amazing work and be the first to offer people in your area this amazing therapy.

MY NRT STORY - Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT) was developed by Lawrence Woods, an incredible therapist from Indianapolis, IN. I first met Lawrence when he e-mailed me about one of my columns in Massage Today Magazine. We began a dialogue that has lasted forovert 15 years. As I travel through Indy occasionally, I scheduled an appointment with him to experience his work. He is one of the most talented, intuitive, well trained therapists I have ever experienced and his work has helped me immensely.

A few years ago, I stopped through Indy to get some work from Lawrence and he showed me a new approach to relax muscles that he was working on. It was interesting but not real impressive although I could tell he was very excited about it. Every time I would stop through Indy, Lawrence would have more of this approach developed and refined. About 3 years ago he shared his new system with me during an appointment. I was amazed. No, I was totally blown away. Lawrence had taken the seeds of this work, part of which started over 30 years ago, and then, through his own insights, developed a full body system of therapy with a variety of application methods that enable a therapist to treat the entire body with this technique.

So what is NRT?? It is a very creative way of utilizing the principle of reciprocal inhibition, a naturally occurring phenomenon n the nervous system, to "reset" the tonus of a muscle. NRT is based on neurological laws, anatomy, and kinesiology. It applies a stimulus to the patient's nervous system and elicits a response that is predictable, repeatable, and reproducible. There is nothing magic or mysterious with NRT so anyone can learn to do it. Using one or a combination of 6 application techniques, stimulus is applied to the patient's nervous system in a way that elicits the inhibition response in the "target" muscle. This relaxes the muscles. It palpably softens the muscle, relieving tender points, trigger points, hypertonicity, ischemia, and increase ROMin a matter of 2 to 30 seconds. The application techniques activate various mechanoreceptors whose response is to elicit inhibition of a muscle(s).

The therapist palpates a muscle and if it is tender, or worse, does a "reset", then re-palpates the muscle. Because muscles often have fibers running is various directions, it sometimes takes several application techniques to completely reset an entire muscle. For example the deltoid has fibers running at various angles that perform several functions, so to completely reset the deltoid it takes thjree applications of stimulus.

I got ahead of my story but I know some of you want to know how NRT works. Well, back to the story - Lawrence is a clinician and he really does not want to go on the road to share his work, even though he is an excellent, formally trained, and accomplished teacher. However, he knows that it needs to be taught because it has the potential to help so many people. He asked me to help him create a teaching organization and to be an instructor for the massage profession. As some of you know, I was planning on retiring, but this work is so amazing, and I am so excited to share it with you that I have taken the challenge/opportunity and have become the first NRT instructor (other than Lawrence) to present NRT classes. (See schedule on the seminar page.) Lawrence presented the first two seminars to a select group of therapists at the end of 2012. He has created fantastic PowerPoint presentations, excellent manuals, and DVDs. I will be working from these same teaching materials so we will bring to you these courses using the very best educational strategies and technologies.

This is the first really new soft-tissue therapy modality I have found that has impressed me since NMT hit in the 1980's. I cannot wait to share it with you. I have been using the techniques since I learned them, almost exclusively. My patient's love NRT and I am amazed at the results I so easily achieve. The techniques are easy on me, hardly any thumb or finger strain, and painless for the patient. Muscles are palpated with fingers or thumbs but the digits are not used directly for treatment. Although my hands are in pretty good shape (especially after 27 years of clinical work) NRT will extend my career life by many years, and that is exciting!

So that's my NRT story. I hope you find it interesting and are motivated to study this great work so that together we can help more people.

More coming soon.


Testimonials from people who have taken NRT Classes:


"I liked everything – the efficiency of the techniques was amazing. I am so impressed with this therapy – it will change my whole approach to treating my client's pain."

Linda Meyer


"This class will not only help me to better serve my clients, but it will extend my massage therapy career!"

Michelle Sigg


"This will add a whole new dimension to my existing practice and possibly a separate schedule for new clients."

Stephanie Vice


"Makes so many things EASIER – so simple yet so profound."

Patt MacDonald- Christie


"This was a great course! Thank you so much! This was a really powerful and exciting workshop. The material presented works quickly and efficiently. It was literally amazing to feel the tissue change that quickly. I am going home confident in my understanding and will put this to work immediately. This course has helped me understand the body of a whole new way. It has also given me understanding of how many other therapies work and how they can be effectively combined with NRT."

Linda Headquist

"The reset of (my) rectus abdominis was a "miracle" reset. I thank Mr. Woods for his research and dedication to body work and the development of a modality addressing root pathologies with direct communication with the nervous system."

Jenny Gallucci


"These techniques have already helped my clients and is already changing my practice. Thanks for making my life easier by doing this work! My clients love it! I love it!"

Sandra Miesse


"It will make the therapy time much shorter and reduce the chances for injury for my own body."

Lena Day


"Love the work – it will allow me to be so much more effective and to safeguard my own body, so I can continue the work I love to do for many years!"

Allyson Murray


I used the cervical techniques last night with a client with chronic and difficult neck issues and, for the first time ever, felt the muscles melt under my touch. A-MAZ-ing. Thanks Lawrence!

Lea Satorra


" I loved that it was very interactive and that we got the chance to do all the exercises. Great class. Can feel a difference!"


" I am excited to know that this will save me time and from injuring myself. Cannot wait to see how surprised clients will be with the fast relief they will get from NRT. "


" Can already think of several clients this will help."


" Great – new approach to treating the body that will help me explore and reach 100% health and wellness of the body."


"I am certain that this will be used in used and used because it is time for a change. Something I can easily incorporate into a practice."


"Great class. I am going to use this modality more than any other thing."


"This course is easy to understand and very effective."


This practice will move my body work into a more focused and precise direction."


"Dramatic results – fast, painless, and easy on the therapist! NRT will extend my career by many years and it is fun!"

"I am excited to know that this will save me time and from injuring myself. Cannot wait to see how surprised clients will be with the fast relief they will get from NRT."


These techniques will improve everyone’s practice. - Charles T. Brown - Albuquerque, NM 6-23-2013

Simply wonderful and wonderfully simple. Once you wrap your mind around it - very effective.
Bill B.  NM  6-23-2013

I value efficiency and effectiveness, and this work has it all!
Kathy Dunbar, Angel Fire, NM 6-23-2013

Ralph is a great instructor – patient as well as informative – Thanks again, Ralph!
Sharon Miller, Albuquerque, NM 6-23- 2013

A great new technique for effecting same results as my beloved NMT in les time and with less effort.
Glenda Bly, TX 6-23-2013

Really valuable material and very well presented. Can’t wait to start applying these upper-body techniques.
Wayne Lea, Santa Fe, NM  6-23-2013

Excellent! Super effective work!
Kim O’Brion  Albuquerque, NM 6-23-2013

All LMTs Need to take these classes. Really makes working on clients easier. Saves my hands and body
Dona D, Albuauerque, NM 6-23, 2013